Spinnerette: Mayhem in the Midwest and Mega Webby

Created by Sara Parks

Help bring Spinnerette: Mayhem in the Midwest and Mega Webby to life!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

European/International Shipping Issues and Catching Up on Missing US Shipments!
4 months ago – Thu, Jan 10, 2019 at 11:13:39 PM

Happy New Year folks!

After a handful of delays, the finalized book is officially at the printers. We've had a bit of Murphy's law going on with volume 6, so we may have to change our process moving forward. 

A few updates:

International backers: 

We attempted to use a centralized shipping company to distribute statues and other non-book 6 rewards which... turned into a nightmare. After fighting with customs for nearly three months, we have finally been able to at least retrieve the majority of our merchandise, which still leaves us frustrated with the lost shipping costs, but I'll take any win at this point! Since the books will be here soon, we're going to ship everything at once. I'll be tucking in a random mini bonus item for all backers. 

US backers:

I'll be going through emails over the next few days and sending out any missing items! If you have sent me an email, hang tight, I'll be emailing you with tracking numbers over the next few days!!!

We are desperately hoping to have at least an initial stock of Book 6 available for pickup at Katsucon. If we're able to get them in time, I will let you know!

I hope your holiday seasons were lovely! Peace, love and comics to all!


Non Mayhem In the Midwest rewards shipping!
8 months ago – Wed, Sep 19, 2018 at 12:27:00 AM

Howdy Backers!

Thank you all for your patience! 

Most non-Volume 6 rewards are currently shipping! 

This includes: 

PDFs for Volumes 1-5

Volumes 1-5

White Heron Comic


Mega Webby!!! 

We're trying to get as many rewards out as possible before the Volume 6 crates arrive at our house!

You may get your rewards in multiple packages, this is both to protect fragile items (not shipping heavy books with delicate statues) and to make the best use of shipping funds (ie, separating media mail from non-media shipments). 

Mega Webby will be coming DIRECTLY from Squishable. European shipments will be coming via a secondary shipper, so our name will not be on those shipments.

PDFs for White Heron and Volume 6 will be coming shortly! 

Surveys for original art tiers/backers as well as hardcover backers will also be coming shortly!

Volume 6 is slightly delayed, so I want to get as many rewards in your hands as possible!



BackerKit Surveys
10 months ago – Sun, Jul 29, 2018 at 01:56:56 AM

Howdy Folks!

BackerKit Surveys have gone out, so if you haven't seen them, be sure to check your inbox!

I'll be locking addresses on August 1st so that I can begin shipment prior to Otakon! 

If you backed for a Hardcover Volume 6, I'll be sending a separate survey to collect your number if you are a previous Hardcover backer, so be sure to check your previous volumes if you'd like to keep your Edition number! 

More to come shortly, but be sure to get those surveys filled out! 

See you soon!


Cosplay Photo Shoot Sets
12 months ago – Tue, Jun 05, 2018 at 06:05:56 PM

Hi folks!

We are having a bit of trouble with the BackerKit surveys, so please bear with me while I sort through that! In the meantime, we have finalized the design for the bookmark and have completed the Spinnerette and Mecha Maid photo shoots with the talented Water Writer! 

You should be able to access the shoots from here

We'll be attending a few more conventions this summer, so keep an eye out for us at Anime Expo, San Diego Comic Con and Otakon!

Thank you all as always!

Ja ne,

Song and Krow

So what happens now??
about 1 year ago – Sat, May 12, 2018 at 03:32:15 PM

Hello Backers!!!

Krow and I are finalizing details with our partners at Kraken and Squishable! We're so excited to be able to continue bring Spinnerette and the Webby family to life!

One thing that we have decided to change with this project is timing on the reward distribution. Traditionally we have waited until all products are ready and then shipped everything at once. We are NOT doing that this year! 

If you pledged at least $25 during the campaign, the desktop packs will be out very soon. 

I'm finishing the Backerkit this week, so surveys will be coming shortly. If you pledged for any physical item OTHER than Mayhem in the Midwest or Mega Webby, I'm going to start shipping these items NOW. Mayhem in the Midwest and Mega Webby will take a bit longer, but you'll have your hands on the rest of the books and statues soon. 

If you are interested in a regular sized Mr. Webby, please go check out our shop. We are down to our last 30 plushies, so he will go into temporary retirement soon.

Thank you all again and again for supporting this campaign! We seriously have the best fans!

See you soon!

-Song and Krow